Me Cumpari Turiddu


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Me Cumpari Turiddu

Just a short walk from the Duomo, Me Cumpari Turiddu serves food made of regional products - top-notch dishes with meat, fish and pasta, and home-made bread. The restaurant is part of the Slow Food Foundation and spoils its guests with an authentic Sicilian atmosphere. As a "ristrò", Me Cumpari Turiddu is a combined restaurant, bistro, cafe and deli.


The cuisine in the Catania region is just like in the rest of Sicily – a delectable combination of Italian and Mediterranean cooking. Fish and seafood are the dominant ingredients, complemented by olive oil and wine from the mountains around Etna. One unusual ingredient that has made its way into a variety of dishes and condiments is the local pistachio (the ultimate Catanese pizza is one topped with cream cheese and grated pistachios). In the pasta department, try the local speciality Pasta alla Norma – a pasta dish cooked with aubergines, tomatoes, ricotta cheese and basil.