Pollino National Park

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Pollino National Park

Pollino National Park, a sanctuary spanning the southern Italian regions of Calabria and Basilicata, cradles a realm of rugged beauty. Amongst its mountainous embrace, meandering trails and rivers, including the mesmerising Raganello River with its dramatic gorges, unfold beneath a canopy of pine trees. Here, the elusive Bosnian Pine thrives exclusively, a testament to the park's uniqueness. Amidst these wonders, nature's grandeur intertwines with archaeological marvels, crafting a haven of unparalleled allure.

Useful Information

  • More Info: Parco Nazionale del Pollino
  • Email: info@parconazionalepollino.it
  • Phone: +39 0973 669311
  • More Info: parconazionalepollino.it/en
  • More Info: https://www.facebook.com/enteparcopollino