Reggio Calabria

Lamezia Terme

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Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is a coastal city located on the very edge, on the toe of the so-called "Italian boot" and in the southern area of Calabria. This is the largest and oldest city in the area and here you'll find beautiful beaches and lots of different attractions, such as museums, theatres, and a lovely botanical garden.

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Lamezia Terme is known for its rich historical and architectural heritage, with majestic churches and cathedrals; but also ruins and archaeological sites that are definitely a must-see. Moreover, the nature in and around this city could be considered an attraction of its own, especially in the various nature parks as well as along the seaside. The central position of Lamezia Terme makes it extremely easy for visitors to enjoy other small and cosy cities and attractions situated just a bit outside, having in this way the possibility to experience different areas of the south of Italy.