Trieste Pizza


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Trieste Pizza

Trieste Pizza is a fairly basic restaurant on the seafront, complete with plastic chairs, but has made its name as one of the best places to taste pizzetta (mini pizza) in Pescara. You will definitely find your own favourite among the more than 20 different choices.


Pescara is right next to the sea, so seafood dishes are plentiful and of high quality at pretty much every restaurant – from the exclusive eateries to the beachside cafés. Pescarese people are also keen on cooking their dishes with chili or peperoncino, which, according to traditional belief, helps drive away evil spirits. One of Pescara’s specialities is "Polpi in purgatorio", cuttlefish cooked in tomatoes, peppers and garlic. For particularly cheap but tasty food, it’s worth heading to Pescara port, where many fishermen have converted their waterside huts (trabocchi) into very small restaurants, often seating as few as five people. Try the recommended regional dishes, Brodetto - a fish soup with mussels, fish and tomatoes and a hunk of bread. Lamb kebabs, known as arrosticini, are another Pescarini favourite. They are cooked on coals and served with bread and oil. To help wash down all this fine dining, sampling some local red wine, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, is ideal.