Akelarre Restaurant & Live Music


Copyright: Darrell Fraser/unsplash
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Akelarre Restaurant & Live Music

Jazz Club not only famous among jazz-lovers but also for anyone who enjoys a night out with great food, regular live music performances, and a view of the harbour on top.

Bars & Nightlife

A word of advice: do not come to Menorca if you're a nocturnal neon-seeker with a penchant for high decibels to which you may be used to after visiting Mallorca 'next door'. Although this smaller island is not the destination for a heavy night out, the lights will not turn off at bed time already, as Mahón, Ciutadella, and most resort areas have a profusion of bars and a handful of club. However, do not expect A-list DJs and dancing till dawn, and you will most certainly enjoy a quite great night.