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Hours of Operation

Sunday is a regular workday in Israel. All government offices and most private offices and travel agencies are closed on Friday, Saturday, and all Jewish religious holidays. Businesses are generally open by 8:30 am.

Although hours can differ among banks, almost all open by 8:30 Sunday to Thursday. Most close around 12:30 and then reopen from 4 to 7 pm some evenings. Banks are closed on Saturdays and Jewish religious holidays and have limited hours on Friday. In Muslim areas, banks are closed Friday. In Christian areas they're closed Sunday.

Museums don't have a fixed closing day, so although they are usually open 10 to 6 and on Saturday mornings, confirm the schedule before you go.

Most local pharmacies close at 7 pm. Large chain stores, such as Super-Pharm and NewPharm, are usually open until at least 10 pm. In most cities a few drugstores are open all night, on a rotating basis. Shops generally open at 9 or 9:30; neighborhood grocery stores usually open around 7. A few shops still close for a two- or three-hour siesta between 1 and 4. Most stores don’t close before 7 pm; supermarkets are often open later, and in large cities, there are all-night supermarkets. Arab-owned stores usually open at 8 am and close in late afternoon. Mall hours are generally 9:30–9:30 Sunday to Thursday. In Jerusalem, malls shut down about two hours before sundown on Friday and reopen two hours after sunset on Saturday evening. Outside Jerusalem, some malls keep regular hours on Saturday, while others stay closed.


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